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APA Technologies (APAT) designs and produces modern automation and control systems. APAT serves customers in the field of industrial automation and control by developing state of the art control components and systems complying with open industrial standards such as Foundation Fieldbus. The openness, ease of use, high quality and innovative characteristics of APAT products such as DXS Process Control System and HPI Supervisory Control System create added value for the customers and help them to achieve their objectives throughout the life cycle of automation projects.

Distributed Process Control Platform

APAT Distributed Process Control platform provides a solution for automation of manufacturing processes. It consists of two products: DXS Supervisory Control and DXS Process Control. A decentralized approach to control can be fully realized using this platform. By assigning the maximum processing power to each control task, this platform increases plant-wide and overall regulatory control performance considerably when compared to other architecture models in the market. Read more

HPI Supervisory Platform

APAT HPI Supervisory Platform provides powerful 2D Graphics and animation, trending, alarm management and reporting tools accompanied by advanced .Net scripting, rich object model, Smart Objects technology and a unified information access model. This ensures that nothing is beyond the reach of design or unnecessarily time consuming. Read more

Connected Smart Building

APAT Connected Smart Building (CSB) is all you need to make your building smart and connected. Integration of APAT smart controllers and gateways and the monitoring system creates an end-to-end platform suitable for home and building automation. Ranging from condos to town houses and high-rises, APAT platform can control and monitor lightings, locks, shades, temperature and HVAC system. Read more

Energy Management Solution

APAT Energy Management Solution (EMS) is a system of computer-aided tools used by utility grid operators to monitor the performance of the generation system, manage microgrids, and integrate renewable energy sources into remote power networks. This solution enables intelligent control of power assets while providing flexibility, reliability and efficiency. Read more